Monetize your art on YouTube

Sell your artwork with Shopify

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google Search. The trick here is to sign up with Shopify and then start producing a lot of videos that fit your arts niche. Proceed to include CTAs at the end of the videos to direct traffic to your artworks landing pages. There is a lot to do though.

Sell your videos with Yondo

Here, you first begin with establishing a YouTube channel and building a sizable audience. Keep engaging the audience to create brand awareness. After creating sufficient reputation, begin directing traffic to your artwork websites where you can sell premium video content to viewers. But how do you accomplish that? This is where Yondo comes in. What Yondo does is to let you make your own artwork store that offers on-demand video content for sale using your own domain. Better yet, it allows you to choose between monthly subscriptions options, pay-per-view rentals or anything in the middle.

Direct your traffic to affiliate links

Since the start of affiliate marketing, most affiliate marketers have tended to drive traffic to affiliate links almost entirely by blogging. You can turn your YouTube art video content into a money machine by using its popularity to drive traffic instead.

Attract sponsorship

A lot of people who make money on YouTube do so just by promoting products from other parties. You need to look for a sponsor who can provide some of the tools you use in your videos. The sponsors’ products gain recognition, and you get paid as a result.

Try to transition into live speaking

Live speaking engagements and presentations involving your artwork can attract incredible reputation especially if you are focused on a particular niche of art with robust research. You can generate a sizable amount of money by just doing an hour long art presentation and talk.

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