How to promote your work of art in social media

Create the right art content at the correct volume

Any effective social media marketing strategy requires great content – the more engaging and original the art content is the better. You should ensure that the artwork promotion includes a lot of visuals. You also need to balance between the format and frequency of promotion depending on the audience.

Your clients and your social strategy should match

Not every social network is fit for promoting your art. If you need to promote your artwork to professionals then LinkedIn would be a great place. Instagram is a great place to promote your stuff if you are aiming for teenagers. You might likely meet an avid millionaire art collector more easily on Pinterest than Twitter.

Build your network

You need to search all relevant social networks to meet people who are discussing your art industry or any related keywords. Keep engaging them by Retweeting and sharing their content. Also, respond to questions they ask in the platforms. Not only are you proving to be a person of value in such circles but you gain new ideas and incorporate yourself in art groupies.

Connect it back to your business

Nothing above really matters if sales are not rising. Make sure that all interactions you engage in on social networks and other platforms link back to the website where your artwork is located. The strategy popularizes your work and brings sales as well.

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